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Quoting Dylan Distasio:

> Replace the Raspberry Pi with a Nvidia Jetson Nano for a bit more at 
> $99 with a ton more bang for buck.  It's equipped to run multiple 
> neural networks in parallel, one for computer vision, one for movement,
> https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-nano-developer-kit

Interesting. Thanks for the link, Dylan. I actually was going to suggest
swapping the Chromebook for a Raspberry Pi, but the Jetson Nano seems more

Stuart LaForge


Another compelling approach is to dispense with the human-likeness notion
and create a non-human-form robot, such as an R2D2.  That could be made
cheaply and have a single degree of freedom as the original R2 had.
Dispense with the forward motion part (it needs to be rolled around on a
wheelie cart by human assistance.)

Plenty of the current elderly population were in their prime when the
original Star Wars came out 43 years ago  R2 was a universal good guy.  It
could be an updated version with a human voice rather than the whistles and
honks that only C3PO could understand.

That approach avoids the ethical concern that caregivers are automating
emotional support by fooling impaired patients into thinking their
mechanical companion is human.


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