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Doesn't need motorized wheels.  A simple 70 dollar lightweight wheelchair will do.

We are talking two different things here.  One attaches to the patent's wheelchair on a pivot arm facing in toward the patient, the other wheels separately on its own wheelchair, facing out.

Both look like profit-engines to me.  

I am now thinking of using something public domain, such as the Mona Lisa or (since that image is public domain) the original ObamaCare girl:


She's such a beauty.  If we can get that single public-domain image and do with it what they did with the talking Mona Lisa, get SR Ballard to voice it for nothing, then we can make a buttload and say nice things about her.  All three hers: Mona Lisa, ObamaCare Girl and SR Ballard.


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Quoting Spike:

> If we go the entirely-software route, it opens the possibilities.  I 
> am finding that notion compelling.

Ok. So it seems like you are envisioning a portrait mounted flatscreen  
monitor on motorized wheels with cameras, microphones, and an Internet  
connection? With a robotic arm for physical assistance? Am I close?  
The robot arm would require a wider wheel base, but it would be doable.

The software idea is interesting. We could use real people as models.  
Motion capture a wide range of gestures/ facial expressions, if they  
have a pleasant voice, we could hire them for that too.

SR Ballard also has a point. We can render the motion capture as a  
wire frame and re-skin however we want. If a customer wants to pay  
extra to have a famous companion, then we could license proprietary  
characters and skin their companions as such.

Stuart LaForge

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