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>>…We buy their face recognition system, set up to prevent anyone with low social credit from buying plane tickets, which reduces the demand, which reduces the CO2 emissions.  Once we get the system in place, we gradually raise the bar for the amount of social credit needed to buy a plane ticket.  Then we apply it to beef, which reduces the number of farting cows.  Result: we get rid of planes and we all go vegan!


>…How much social credit does a cow have; and how much does it lose for farting?


>…Do cows really care that much about being allowed to get plane tickets?




That’s the spirit Mike.  


Having a government deeply involved in a memetic civil war (with itself only) is all rather entertaining, if you don’t take it too seriously.  I don’t.  It gets funnier every day.  If one were to write a description of today’s US government based on actual mainstream news headlines, and give it to a person who has been completely out of the loop for 10 years, in a coma or something, they would find your novel too implausible to be entertaining.  They wouldn’t believe a word of it for a minute if you told them it was non-fiction.


The China face recognition thing does give one pause, if it is true.  If they can make face-rec work there, it can durn sure work here: fewer people, more genetic variation.  If China has that, then we can buy it (hell it’s just software, ja?) then any store can recognize shoplifters on his way in the store.  We can create databases of all kinds of stuff, the names of those you see once in a long while in the neighborhood, that sorta thing.


Granted it does give the government the option of super-enforcement.


I am eager to see the comments by others on this list about that.








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