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>…  Some obsessive gets to a high level and wants to find and destroy every single criminal - that's a nightmare… bill w




Ja there is that.  But something else worries me more.  We know that cameras are stand-alone battery powered, small, and can transmit to a nearby receiver.  Something like that would be easy to hide in any hotel room.  It makes good video for a coupla months before it needs to be retrieved (or leave it behind (they don’t cost much.))  Then the bad guy can watch, figure out the license plate number of whoever she just recorded in that hotel room, work backwards, get an email @, post him with an offer to not post that video to FaceBook if he will hand over 1000 bucks in BitCoin.


Guessing plenty will quietly hand over the BitCash.


Keep in mind now, whenever you are staying in a hotel, someone might be watching and recording everything.





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