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I’m wondering why no one here has discussion Bryan Caplan’s on education:




Or have I missed it?...Dan



We are living in times when most bricks and mortar retailing is being swept away by online sales.  This has been foreseen for some time: online sales are lower cost and far more efficient.  It takes more effort to run a physical-item store.  A colleague mapped out the future in 1994, right when HTML standards were being established.  He saw it all, 25 years ago.


Now we are seeing a shift in traditional education.  If we think of education as a means to a better job (as plenty of us do) then it makes more sense to collect a pile of certifications in specific narrow areas of expertise.  Old timers may recall Harvey Newstrom promoting the argument that this was the future of technical education, 15 or more years ago.  Remember the alphabet soup he strung after his name.  Those were his micro-degrees and certifications.  (Whatever the heck happened to Harvey Newstrom?  Anyone here keeping up with him?  If not I will see if I can find him and get him to drop in.)





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