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> John you worry too much me lad.  If you want something to worry about, consider this.  The US government has become completely dependent on a communist government loaning it money just to make normal expenses.  China’s government has the authority to order its people to desist lending money to the US at any time.  If it does, the US has no practical way to raise the difference.

There’s s saying that might apply here: “If you owe the bank one hundred dollars that's your problem. If you owe the bank one hundred million dollars, that's the bank's problem.” 

>   It realizes this, so the federal government has to stand by and watch as China builds islands in international waters, then claims more and more territory in what had been sea lanes.  The US cannot go to war with China over that.  They can’t even pressure the China over that, because it needs China’s money.  Your worrying about a dictator rising during peacetime is distracting you from the real danger the world really is facing. China is planning to take ownership of a huge swath of the Pacific. The US can’t do anything about it.

You make it sound as if China is churning out these islands all over — say just South of the Aleutians, off the coast of South America, in the area between Midway and Hawaii, around Japan and the Coral Sea. Do you believe China is a threat or a menace? ;) 


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