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In our world today, it is not necessary that one have a sensa huma.  But it helps.


I had to laugh today.  We bought a washing machine about 5 yrs ago which was the latest thing: it was designed with feedback loops to measure water levels with the goal in mind of conserving water.  Great marketing feature in California, as we were in the depths of a multi-year drought.  There were people accepting the notion that it was all global warming and it would never rain again and all kinds of silly extremism.  The state offered incentives to manufacturers for selling these water-stingy machines.  We bought one, being typical suckers.


A coupla years ago, we had a really wet season and the reservoir behind an enormous earthen dam rose quickly.  The Oroville authorities were reluctant to dump the water thru the spillways (because water is valuable stuff (and everybody knew the rains would stop.))  The rains kept coming, and by the time the dam authorities opened up the dam flood gates, it was too dam late, and the water rose to overtop the emergency spillway, which hadn’t been properly maintained because it wasn’t going to be used.  Until it was.  And it failed.  That clapping sound you heard was buttholes slamming shut everywhere in California, for if that dam failed, goodbye town of Oroville and everything downstream, and goodbye water supply for much of California.  


It held, and has been repaired.  OK so now we are having another record-breaking wet year.  The Sierras have ski resorts which could not open in years past because there wasn’t enough snow.  This year some of them cannot open because they can’t shovel out the ski lifts which are buried in snow.


We didn’t like water-stingy washing machine.  There wasn’t enough control over that feature.  We had loads of clothing where we found places that had never gotten wet.  If it didn’t get wet, it didn’t get clean.  Being a typical geek engineer, I did some calculations on how much we saved by this machine, but I noticed it also uses more power at the expense of using less water.  Well… power is expensive, water is cheap.  These so-called high-efficiency machines save a little water at the expense of using more power (because the cycle lasts longer (which is also a negative.))


Sunday the thing conked.  Rather than mess with it, my bride suggested replacing it.  I concurred, so she picked one, didn’t mention further why that one or what she picked.  The lads delivered it about an hour ago.  It is similar to the previous one but with a new feature: it allows one to defeat the water-saving feature.  A big sticker on the top of the machine in inch-tall all-caps proclaims:




Under that sales pitch:


Flexible water features put YOU in control.


I had to laugh at our own silliness.  California consumers bought up water-saver washers, now we are buying up washers that give us the option of defeating the water saver feature.



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