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You said anything less than four figures is OK to buy for you and your wife without consultation.  But have you looked at prices lately for washers and dryers?  You can spend well into the four figures at Home Depot.  I almost always use the cheapest dryer available.

The sun.  Best at getting rid of mites on linens.  You are probably banned from doing that, eh?   


bill w




BillW, I am with you on sun drying, but living out west where the air is dryer, one can hang one’s clothing indoors and accomplish the same thing.  No need to put them outdoors, inviting birds to turd upon them.   If you clean out the lint screen on your dryer, keep in mind that the lint you just threw away is your clothing. Less dryer time, less lint, less of your clothing is wearing away with each laundry cycle.


I have a rigged up a horizontal hanging rod in the downstairs shower: tumble the clothing for about 10 minutes with a double dose of those fabric softener sheets on zero heat, hang em damp, gravity pulls out the wrinkles, next day they are dry and ready to wear.


Regarding mites on linens: I like mites.  Have you ever looked at one under a microscope?  It is marvelous to think that everything necessary for a creature to live is all packed inside one of those tiny specks, but there is something even cooler.  A big component of household dust is actually dead skin flakes.  Dust mites make their living devouring those.  So that way, it reduces the accumulation of dead skin, replacing it with accumulated mite shit.  Now don’t you feel better?  Hanging your clothing damp preserves your mites.  If you don’t have allergies to them, dust mites are your friends.




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