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>…Isn't polyester the fabric that exudes very toxic smoke when burned?  I remember some time back about how many things in our living room, covered with fabric, would kill anyone smelling a lot of that smoke if the house burned…


Ja this dryer-lint test was easy.  I already knew that cotton burns with an almost odorless or slightly woody smelling white smoke.  Polyester burns with an acrid black smoke.  I recently taught scouts how to secure the end of a rope from unravelling by burning the end.  But do it outdoors, preferably on a breezy day.



>…We complement one another:  you are one fount of trivial information… bill w


BillW, we both complement and compliment each other.  


I must say in all modesty, I am often referred to as an enormous suppository of knowledge.  I always wanted to be an enormous suppository.



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