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You said anything less than four figures is OK to buy for you and your wife without consultation.  But have you looked at prices lately for washers and dryers?  You can spend well into the four figures at Home Depot.  I almost always use the cheapest dryer available.

The sun.  Best at getting rid of mites on linens.  You are probably banned from doing that, eh?


I once visited friends who lived on a rather large property in Arizona. It was about 50 degrees Celsius, but they still took their clothes out of the washing machine and into a drier. They would have dried almost as quickly if they left them in the basket. I enquires, and it seemed that air drying just did not figure as an option in their minds. To me, it seemed crazy.


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Ja.  I used to live in Southern California, out in the desert.  I had a clothesline there.  You could go down the line hanging, then as soon as you finished a couple minutes later, you could go back where you started and take down perfectly dry clothes.  It really only took a coupla minutes when there is a scorching dry breeze and perfectly clear skies.


It was cool having a nuclear fusion powered dryer.


I still do: even if you dry indoors, the same fusion source warms the air.



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