[ExI] Congrats to SpaceX!

Dan TheBookMan danust2012 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 15:48:18 UTC 2019

On Mar 9, 2019, at 7:26 AM, Stuart LaForge <avant at sollegro.com> wrote:
> Quoting Dan Ust:
>> Dragon 2 is on its way to the ISS.
> And now it has made a safe return. I am actually a little surprised that nobody has mentioned the success of the first manned space mission using a privately owned space craft. How cool is that? I for one think it heralds a day when there will be jobs for bartenders in space.

Actually, Dragon 2 had no crew aboard. The crewed mission is scheduled for July this year. And before that is one more test flight: the in flight abort test scheduled for this June. See:


Note that there’s still a chance of Boeing beating SpaceX with the first private crewed mission to orbit.


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