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Two kinds infesting dogs and cats:  toxoplasma, and toxocara, the latter
involving mostly dogs.  You are likely aware of the need to keep a pregnant
woman away from cat litter - that's toxoplasma.

The Center for Disease Control has amassed huge amounts of data used in the

Four thousand people from six to 16, infected and not infected, were given
a big battery of tests.  The infected kids, compared to age-matched
controls, were lower in math, reading, verbal recall, visuo-spatial
reasoning and IQ.  International Journal for Parisitology.

The authors controlled for socioeconomic status, gender, education, gender,
ethnicity, and levels of lead in the blood.

Of the African-American kids 23% were infected.  Mexican - 13%; whites 11%.

"This implies that disadvantaged minorities may do worse in school not only
because of well-known factors like nutrition and inferior education, but
also, possibly because of parasites in their heads."

I would not hesitate to call these findings momentous.

Some relevant kinds of data from Africa also included in this book.

What kind of parasites are in your brain?  Read the book.
Kathleen Mcauliffe - This is Your Brain on Parasites.

bill w
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