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> Then we can rig up some kind of automated recording/archiving system which we can carry along with us.  Then I can answer a question I have often asked myself: what, if anything, was I thinking?

Spike, you often mention the Constitution and the rights of US citizens.
What about the right to remain silent when faced with police questioning?

Officials already try to scan your smartphone whenever they want to.
What if they want to scan your thoughts as well?



BillK, it is controversial.  The constabulary is already getting a long list of highly effective new technologies, some already in place.

Using mugshot databases and license plate databases, the local constable can run an automated search on the car and the suspect's face at the first encounter, immediately get a list of things the suspect has done.  This makes it a lot safer for the man in blue.

In a small town, the man already knows his regular customers (they really do call them that, along with the endearing term frequent fliers.)  Now big city cops can access all the stuff that the perp did when he was still in the small town.

In my own town, whenever there is a doorstep package thief, a good clear video image is posted online to thousands of people.  Consequently that particular brand of crime has fallen out of fashion.

With DNA databases, the detectives are solving gobs of cold cases.

BillK, to your point: ja as time goes on, we hand more and more tech tools to the authorities.  They advance faster than the bad guys.

Let me ponder and post something later.


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