[ExI] fermi question on poseidon adventure

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I strongly object to the word 'gratuitous' in your sentence - " gratuitous bun shot" There just isn't any such a thing.


 bill w



Well I did say it was greatly appreciated.  {8^D


Besides, it’s the rules: all successful Hollywood movies have to have a bit of sizzle.  Think about it Bill: it is so real life.  Every truly life-threatening situation, is there not always some way to get some attractive young unattached woman nekkid?  Every real drama just has tohave that in there somewhere: it’s the rules.  Strict they are.  The movie-goer’s inalienable right it is.  


Mere threat of death is better than nothing, but add in the whole bun-flashing thing, and you cover all the bases.  


Humans are such a fun silly species.




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