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>>…I strongly object to the word 'gratuitous' in your sentence - " gratuitous bun shot" There just isn't any such a thing.


 bill w



>…Well I did say it was greatly appreciated.  {8^D…spike





All this talk about gratuitous this and that had me wondering something perhaps you legal hipsters might know.  I haven’t followed the story, but some sports biggie went to a cathouse in Florida and was recorded, caught.  So now he is facing legal consequences, but all this really got me to thinking: if someone is a billionehh then a hundred bucks one would pay for a legitimate massage and a couple hundred one might pay expecting more service than a normal massage are the same amount of money approximately.  Right?


So… a legal defense I could easily imagine is the guy went to a massage place, did not make any special arrangements, did not solicit harlotry in any way, just asked how much, they said couple hundred, he hands it over, never says he wants this or that, she takes him back, gives him an extra treat, no arrangements were ever made, he just paid and she just took care of him.


How does that make him a whoremonger?  He wouldn’t even necessarily know she was a whore and perhaps he didn’t actually mong her at all.  He merely paid a higher-than-usual price (but what difference does make to a billionehh in his late 70s?) and she just was… very… um… grateful and did her thang.  Perhaps she wasn’t even a harlot, but was just overwhelmed by the size of his wallet or something, so she just…well, did what humans sometimes do while massaging someone, without being monged by him at all.


Legal hipsters, how does it work?  I am so far out of my area of expertise here.







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