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Just after Spike's revelation that he had received ads related to his conversation with his wife in a car, presumably picked up by his mobile, I went shopping for under the counter water filter systems - Aquasana, for one.


Then I logged on the the Clarion Ledger - local paper - and found a big ad for Aquasana.  I have never seen an ad for water filter systems anywhere, so I assume this is not coincidence.


Just how did they get the information?  I used my Chromebook to go to Amazon and to the Aquasana web site.


Have any of you experience anything like this?  Or like Spike's?  Could Aquasana have put a cookie, or something like it, on my computer that the newspaper site read?


This is really creepy.


bill w 




BillW of course if you shop online for anything, you will be pummeled mercilessly for weeks by purveyors of that product.  Nothing particularly creepy about that: the reason the WWW grew and prospered is that there are skerjillions of ways to hawk one’s wares there.  So there was a lotta lotta money behind its explosive growth.  Cool!  


What I want to know now is if one enters the name of a product into the Google line without hitting Return, will it figure out what I was looking to buy?  I have a Google window open right now.  I enter “Wool sweater for sale” but I did not hit Enter.  I will leave it there for a few minutes, then delete it without ever entering any site or search list.  Then I will see if I get wool sweater spam.




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