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>...That's an interesting idea, Spike. I will think about it. Like I said,
much of the information is unlikely to be brought to a human's attention
unless you get "flagged" for whatever reason. Although, I doubt that
surveillance tech like Stingray or Triggerfish can be kept out of the hands
of hackers. So in addition to law enforcement, one may have to worry about
being spied on by scriptkiddies and such...

Ja there is that.  I am one of those who has (so far) no reason to hide
anything I am doing.  At some future time I can see it, but my life is still
more private than my cousin's children.  They post eeeeverything about every
detail of their lives on FaceBook.  I don't see why anyone would care about
my life if they have the option of watching the young and beautiful, free.
I hafta wonder what impact this has had on the porno industry, when anyone
can get online and just get everything free.  National Geographic must be
struggling to survive.

>...If you buy a fancy toaster that connects to the Internet, assume it is
spying on you or can be remotely controlled to burn your toast...Stuart


Oh think of the gags we could play with that.  The mind boggles.


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