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Legal hipsters, how does it work?  I am so far out of my area of expertise here.


The defense you propose - that those with lots of money have lowered sensitivities to price, which diminishes their capacity for intent (and thus their ability to commit crime) - is known as "affluenza".  Last I heard, it is generally rejected as a valid defense in US courts.




Ja, but if a billionehhh with plenty of money for a competent defender follows the letter of the law, perhaps even carrying a personal audio recording device, and never uttered a word about his expectations, I would think that would hold.


I am so far out of my own expertise here, even I have no idea what a legitimate non-copulatory massage costs.  Never had one, have no intentions of doing so.  I have a vague idea what one might pay for illegitimate services, even though I have a similar lack of firsthand experience (or even secondhand for that matter.)  From what I can tell, those two numbers aren’t far apart at all.  One service requires actual training, which I would think would be (if anything) more expensive than the traditional service.


He could have never uttered a word about his expectations.  No law broken there.




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