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Question please for What3Words gurus.  I see you can enter your address and
have it give you 3 words that identifies your house:




Cool, so I see that it divides the land into 3 meter x 3 meter squares and
assigns every square 3 words, which is easier to remember than GPS
coordinates.  The house where I grew up is forgets.gladness.pirate, but we
didn't have a lawn Chevy.  We couldn't afford such luxuries as a lawn Chevy.
If we had one of those, we would have taken it apart and sold the pieces.


OK my question is this: since this is on a 3x3 grid, a typical house (Ok
outside of Bay Area low cost housing units) have more than one square.
Suppose I enter my address and my three words are egregious.old.fart.  


Imagine that I don't  like those particular three words, memorable as they


I see there are several other 3x3 squares which would identify my house.
Hipsters, how do I find out the three words of the other squares?



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