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>…That's cool. Never heard of it. If you're using the phone app you can drag the map around and it'll show you the words for each square.





OK cool, I got that working, thanks Dave.  


I found BillK’s house.  His address words: manliness.obscuring.mouth.


No kidding, that’s really it.  Putting aside the suggestiveness of those particular words, I want to know where the heck BillK keeps that foxy Mary Crowley.  Good chance she is in a square called gorgeous.possibly.evil or something like that.


Here’s fun game: find your house, list all the three word addresses that are on top of your actual home or property.  Some of them are great fun.  No you don’t need to post them here, suggest you don’t.


Next: think of the games and stuff we can do with this: a puzzle of some sort that would give the words if solved correctly, like a grown-up version of geocaching, a reward of some kind at the solution site, such as 20 bucks or a plate of cookies or an eager nymphomaniac, that kinda thing.







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