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>>…That's cool. Never heard of it. If you're using the phone app you can drag the map around and it'll show you the words for each square.





>…OK cool, I got that working, thanks Dave.  


>…I found BillK’s house.  His address words: manliness.obscuring.mouth…spike



This was all great fun until a most disturbing thought occurred to me.  


A house covers several of these 3x3 meter squares, but… a grave would not.  Many and perhaps most graves would have only one word triplet.  You have several choices on what three words you can use to identify your house (BillK’s country cottage has 280) but… you might find yourself buried in manliness.fills.mouth or some revolting thing and you have no way to change it once your dead ass is down there.  


This could cause cemeteries to have premium sites, such as manliness.impresses.bystanders and some that no one wants such as… well plenty of them.  You don’t need my overly-fertile imagination.


I always tend to look on the bright side.  This could encourage more proles to go in for cryonics!  They wouldn’t want to risk being forever interred in rectum.disgorging.commentary for instance.


Oh dear, I just searched on Alcor and it came back with the most unfortunate triplet wounds.client.face, damn.


Oh wait, all is not lost.  Right next to it is pavement.graphic.hints, which doesn’t sound like such a bad place, and that flipping.sulky.conquest has a hint of sexiness, along with influencing.fortunate.vocals, I like it.


Hey I have an idea: let’s find out who runs What3Words, then quietly arrange to bribe them to change certain squares to a name of choice.  Then we act as brokers, take half, give graves a cool triplet.  When my time comes, freeze my head at maximum.personal.post (one of Alcor’s actual triplets) and rename wherever you bury the rest of me in spike.making.buttloads.















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