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>Aren’t you glad you lived this late in history? 


>…Indeed I am, the good old days sucked compared with now!  And if we're lucky before the end of the year a fourth detector, KAGRA in Japan, may join the party; and although smaller than LIGO it might turn out to be even more sensitive because unlike the other 3 it's built underground and does not work at room temperature but is cooled down to 20 degrees Kelvin (-253 C, -425 F) . I think that is very cool, in more ways than one.


John k Clark






Indeed.  Now that we know there is something there to be found, money for gravity wave detectors flows like the river and physics students are falling all over themselves to learn up on gravity models.  It took so long and was so hard to get the first LIGO built.  But now, noooo problem, and staffing it is even easier.

Plenty of scientists are realizing that the LIGOs are perhaps the most valuable scientific instruments now available from the point of view of science per dollar ROI.







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