[ExI] fermi question alive and well

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John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> The law of physics I think even a Jupiter Brain in the year 3019 would 
> most
likely still believe to be true is the Second Law of Thermodynamics,

I think the second law prevents a Jupiter Brain from being built.

The problem is that computation produces waste heat and that has to be
radiated to keep the "brain" from overheating.  There are conflicting
problems with large computational nodes, you need to keep the size small to
minimize speed of light delays and you need to make it large to get rid of
the waste heat.  (Or you can sink it in the deep ocean.)


Keith I am inclined to disagree that a Jupiter brain is impossible because
of the second law, but agree that an M-Brain probably is impossible.  Or if
an M-brain is possible, it would need to be sufficiently diffuse that the
majority of the low-entropy energy has to be allowed to radiate away unused.

Damn.  {8-[


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