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>…Apologies for the double post, but:



There is no need to apologize for a double post or for replying to your own post.  I understand the whole internet protocol and all that, sure fine, and why it is a bad thing for sociopaths, however I disagree that it should be disallowed or even discouraged in such a forum as this.  If we have sociopaths among us, then don’t double post.  But otherwise, read on please.


We tend to have more and better ideas after we posted the first one on a topic.  If no one answers the first one, well maybe no one was interested, or everyone was busy, or it was a bonehead notion, but you came up with another idea which was 37% less boneheaded than the first, so go ahead, double post.  Treat this forum like a think-tank.  Why the heck not?   It is an ongoing party, ja?  At meat-world parties I often come up with subsequent ideas and further comments, even if everyone in the room sat in stunned silence at the stupidity of my first comment.


Double post away, lads.  Life goes on.



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