[ExI] Do you still think I'm paranoid?

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> On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 1:54 AM Rafal Smigrodzki <
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> *> It's insane stuff like this that keeps me off Exi.*
> I'm curious Rafal, would you be OK with it if on Wednesday November 4
> 2020, the day after Trump lost the election, Trump announced that he had
> new information that the election was fraudulent and so was nullifying the
> results and would organize a new election at some unspecified future date?
>  John K Clark
### There are certain subjects that simply should not be discussed with any
seriousness. This includes ESP, homeopathy, diverse Trump-related items,
the monster of Loch Ness. The less said the better, unless you are joking.
But you are not joking.

I like reading your stuff when you write about black holes and gravity
waves and suchlike.

Everything will be OK, at least for some values of OK. He is just a blip on
the graph.


PS - here is something I wrote to a friend today, just so you can see what
I think about politics:

"It is the continuation of war by other means. It’s a war of words where
every word is a soldier and truth is the first victim. You can only choose
a side that is the lesser evil and once you make this choice the role for
reason and conscience is over. After that there are no enemies on your side
and everyone on the other side is an enemy. Every mass media speaker is a
mass media speaker because he adheres to the above rule and therefore you
must protect your mind from your enemy’s poison. There is no more right and
wrong only us and them. Remember, every word is a soldier and truth died a
long time ago.

This is why I don’t vote - but I still think there’s the lesser evil"

(with some turns of phrase lifted from Eli's writings)

Applied (i.e. local and current) political thought necessarily corrupts
attempts at finding truth, because the objective of daily politics is
winning, not being correct. This is why in a recreational setting such as
our email list, where finding the truth of this or that matter cheers the
soul, applied political thought feels so out of place.
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