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I couldn’t help noticing the difference between my son’s middle school now vs mine, tragically many years ago.  Back then, fights would happen about on a weekly basis in those testosterone-fueled years.  Now they are rare.


### There was a massive drop in testosterone levels and sperm counts in modern societies over at least the last 30 years, most likely much longer.


This isn't good. Sure, fewer boys fighting but also fewer boys developing visuospatial skills and the drive to succeed economically. 


A world without real men is not a kumbaya utopia, it's a disaster…






Since BillW posted the original comment about modern people having too much sex drive, ideas have been rattling around in my head like golf balls in an otherwise empty 55 gallon drum.


Think about a really man-dominated society such as that found in Saudi Arabia.  I won’t comment much because I don’t know much about Saudi other than what I read in the news.  


OK now for contrast, picture a society where men are men and women are women, such as Mexico, for I have some firsthand knowledge of how these things go.  Reason: in California, we have Mexican towns.  I am not kidding, I can show them to you.  They have enormous farms, and the people that work them are Mexican.  English is seldom heard there, Mexican customs are followed, such as the promenade (15 yr old girls make sure they are seen by the single young men.)  The music played on the radio is Mexican music.  I don’t mean rap or hip hop.  You can go there and tune in: it is mariachi bands, playing trumpets, men singing songs about how their corazons beat wildly for their bonita senoritas, etc.


Well now, OK.  Contrast the corner we Americans have painted ourselves into in trying to pretend that there is no real difference at all between genders.  We can go with it for a while, integrate the office and so forth, but eventually we hit some pretty stubborn realities.  We will end up with men claiming to be women and competing for Title IX sports scholarships.  We will have men claiming to be women setting track and field records.  We will be up against it when high school men claiming to be women want to go into the women’s locker rooms.  Friends, that just ain’t gonna work.  I know I am old, but still: that ain’t gonna work.  High school girls are too self-conscious to share a locker room with women having that stuff hanging out up front.  Ain’t gonna work here, never mind trying to sell it to the international community, when most countries dang sure do know the difference between men and women.


Perhaps Rafal knows: in those societies where men are men and women are still women, such as Mexico and California Mexican towns where there is little pressure to conform to modern ways, what is happening to testosterone levels there?



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