[ExI] dead weight

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 16:22:51 UTC 2019

We've talked about it before, to no conclusion.  Maybe we still don't have
any answers but maybe we need to talk again.

The immigrants who come in to pick peas and so on are going to be dead
weight when mechanical harvesters are up to the job, as Spike said.  As we
all know, this is happening everywhere and will only get worse as tech and
nano tech and AI improve.

So should we keep immigrants out now because they are going to be dead
weight later?  Even if so, what are we going to do with the dead weight we
have and the added weight from future tech toss-asides?

Just as we pay farmers (that is, giant corporations) not to plant things,
we can pay people to stay home, as we have no use for them outside of
picking up trash, etc.

Another issue:  98 countries according to Google have birth rates below
replacement.  Result:  fewer people working to support the retired and to
pay off debts.  Japan wants to increase the birth rate but will probably
not succeed. Fewer mouths to feed seem like a big plus to me, but what
about the debts?  I can't start this conversation as I have no financial

 bill w
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