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> ### TL:DR. Don't believe it. Illegal immigrants tend to be less
>> intelligent than legal immigrants, and they live in the penumbra of the
>> law. Less intelligent people are more likely to commit crimes. People
>> living outside the law are more likely to commit crimes and less likely to
>> report them. I was not born yesterday, I know how a piece of propaganda
>> sounds like, and I am willing to come out on a limb and derive conclusions
>> from more basic facts rather than to believe whatever shows up in a
>> political mass media discussion.
>  I believe it. Undocumented immigrants know that if they interact with
> police their status will likely be discovered and they'll be deported.
> ### Illegal immigrants know that the likelihood of being actually deported
is very low. Only 81,000 illegals were deported in FY 2017. This is a drop
in the bucket compared to the numbers of crimes committed by illegals.
According to federal statistics, illegals are 2.5 more likely to be
sentenced in federal courts for crime than citizens in the US,
contradicting the Cato propaganda.

There is absolutely no doubt that immigrants and native citizens very often
differ in their crime rates. With some combinations of host nation and
immigrant source the relative differences are astronomical. For example,
Algerians in Germany commit rape 20 times more often (2000%) than Germans.
The Chinese in the same country however are about half as likely to commit
rape as the locals.

Obviously, anybody not completely befuddled by a political fervor realizes
that humans differ, they differ individually and collectively,
statistically and predictably, based on immigrant origin country IQ and
crime rate. These differences have implications for life and death, not to
mention economic productivity. Failing to discriminate against individuals
entering a country based on their likelihood of harming citizens will harm
the citizens. It sounds like a tautology because it almost is. On the other
hand, a reasonable immigration policy is likely to have some efficacy in
excluding dangerous and harmful or non-contributing individuals and will
benefit citizens. It is only in an irrational political argument that this
obvious truth could be denied.
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