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> This is not to say we don’t have real problems, for we do.  I don’t know
> what happens when we get hordes of people living in tents along freeways
> with nowhere to go.  We can easily imagine them becoming increasingly
> hostile to ordinary people.  They are not hostile against the 8 people with
> all that money (for they don’t even know who or where they are (do you?))
> but rather the very poor become hostile against those ordinary people who
> are right there on the other side of that freeway wall, who own a house
> with a mortgage and a car in the driveway.
### Add to it that the people in tents came in bearing the flag of a
foreign nation, may be unwilling to learn the language of their host and
have lower IQ than the hosts. Civil wars broke out over less.

I cannot overstress the importance of compatibility and loyalty in
prospective immigrants. Immigrants must enter with the intention and the
ability to peacefully and productively integrate with us. People who cannot
or do not want to find a productive niche in the host society should not be
invited and should not be allowed entry.

Immigrants must be loyal to us, American citizens. Otherwise, why should we
let them in?
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