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Hey check this:




Since we have heard so much lately about rich people and celebrities
cheating to get their children into biggity big schools, this adversity
score business gives me an idea.  Instead of SAT classes that will coach
students to get higher SAT scores, we use their existing scores and coach
them to maximize their adversity.  


For instance, a DNA test can probably turn up evidence of being descended
from a minority (I have that.)  If the diversity score takes into account a
family income, one facing retirement might strategically arrange to postpone
collection of pensions until after college admissions are complete for


If the diversity score takes into account the size of the bank account, a
family could draw out all their money and purchase something that doesn't
change much and doesn't show up on any asset list, such as platinum.  If one
is holding platinum, one damn well better not reveal it.  For the risk
takers, there is BitCoin, which also is not reportable (and have you seen
what happened to the value of that stuff in the past month, sheesh.)


We could set up a business to help people maximize adversity.



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