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 Legal immigration has been cut 80% this year. Obviously they're not just trying to keep the bad guys out.



### Well, yes, they (the government) are kind of stupid. Being a libertarian, this doesn't surprise me.


Do you feel that my being uncomfortable about the immigration of people who want to kill me raises doubts about my libertarian bonafides? Why?





We hear John going on (and on and on) about the destitute proletariat rising up and killing us.  Well, OK, not “us” at first.  They start with the super-rich, soon find the super-rich are well prepared challenge, they lose a few thousand in the futile attempt, then decide maybe they should leave the billllionehs alone and focus instead on ordinary millionehs.


I don’t see why we should be importing more destitute proletariat to rise up at some future time to kill us.  John?



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