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### …. They are using banking regulations for social engineering and redistribution purposes and an AI that successfully grades credit applications strictly on the default risk would interfere with their political goals… 





Banking may be used for social engineering, but that university admissions system utilizing adversity score really has my wheels spinning, for it very well does apply to me.  We have the really high-end students who take courses in SAT, who spend hundreds of hours working on techniques to improve their scores and so on.  They study how to do time management, test-taking techniques, all the rest.  So… it seems very logical to learn the algorithm that goes into determining the adversity score, along with techniques for optimizing it.


For instance…


If one can get adversity points for being from a single parent household, can the parents quietly divorce, live exactly as before (except they get to save on taxes (then the offspring can claim that they lived with parent was single (both parents are single.)))  They would need to define exactly what has to happen in order to claim single parent household, and what proof is required, score!


Economically disadvantaged: the only proof I can imagine would be the tax returns, the 1040s.  OK then, assets could be shifted over to stuff that doesn’t earn interest, such as precious metals, score!


Home equity would need to come into play somewhere here, so the parents could take out a huge mortgage on a fully paid-off home, dump the money into something that doesn’t bear dividends, get right on down there into the economically disadvantaged, score!


If there are adversity points to be had, those might be easier to arrange than actually studying SAT techniques.



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