[ExI] How VR is helping hospice patients

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Subject: [ExI] How VR is helping hospice patients

>...How families are giving a fantastic trip to loved ones in hospice


Thanks BillK, this makes my day.  I don't even mind if I wasn't the one
making a fortune.  Whoever is cashing in, I wish them well...as they enjoy
MY buttload...

>..."[He thought] he was going to end up simply being in a bed in his home
waiting to die," McKay said. "Instead he found he was able to live and
participate and find enjoyment each day that he was given."

Ja I have been envisioning something like this for years, or decades really.
It looks to me like having that big googly-eye thing hanging on the front of
one's face is the wrong answer however.  Consider something like a
full-cover motorcycle helmet, only much lighter.  Those things have a face
shield, so we could do the display on that.  

>...VR really isn't just for games where players shoot at everything that


Well no problem BillK, we can deal.  We can create software which eases the
suffering of those facing eminent death while simultaneously enabling them
to shoot everything that moves.  What a concept!  


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