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Looks rendered to me.








Eh, I was wondering about that.  If Ford is fooling around with this, then they aren’t working on my next pickup truck.


Do we have any CGI hipsters who can determine if it is phony?  Ford coulda done something like this as advertisement.  Or they coulda bought a Boston Dynamics bot and put there name on it, analogous to how those NASCAR racers have advertisements all over them.  The ad doesn’t actually say in there that Ford build this thing.


Another idea: they created the video with stop-motion animation like Shaun the Sheep.







On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 10:27 AM <spike at rainier66.com <mailto:spike at rainier66.com> > wrote:

I thought this might be a hoax, but Mashable is pretty reliable:




I want one.



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