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>… This is exactly the kind of book I want recommended to me:  lots of science at the layman's level with some implications for everyday living.  bill w



Guys lets all pitch in and do it.  Otherwise he will go off and read books about… cod.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste Bill.



>>…One of the most tragic and frightening things about schizophrenia is the loss of control.  …bill w


>…I still have (distant) family in the Bluefield WV area.  We have identified where Nash’s house was.  I hope to go there and fall prostrate before that house which is still there….  Spike



BillW, what I hope to learn from your commentary on Beautiful Mind is related to psychology, which (as I understand it) is based on the notion that a suffering mind can learn what is causing itself to suffer and heal itself from within.  This interests me, for I have a friend who suffers terribly from regular bouts with depression.  He is a really smart guy however (PhD from Stanford in physics) and eventually worked out how to deal with it.  That is an example of a mind healing itself (or at least treating itself) from within.


In the movie version of Beautiful Mind, Nash figured out his hallucinations were not real because they did not age.  The book was a (mercifully) fictionalized version of his life, so I do not know if the real JF Nash really overcame schizophrenia by realizing they weren’t aging along with everyone else.





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