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>...I am not terribly happy with Julian since he put his thumb on the scale
that elected Trump.  ...Keith

Keith, do you recall the comments Julian used to make?  As I recall, he had
no particular interest in this party or that party, it didn't really matter
to him who was in charge in Australia, much less in the USA or anywhere
else.  With him, it was all about whoever was in charge needed to be
subjected to transparency, because to him, privacy in government is equal to
power in government is equal to corruption in government.  He wasn't working
toward hurting or helping any particular view or party, he wanted government

Well OK then.

In the runup to the 2016 US election, it was widely reported that one of the
candidates joked about murdering him with a drone.  It was the candidate
that most people thought would win that election (her stock was selling in
the 80s at that time.)  OK, look at this from Julian's POV: I am
functionally imprisoned in the embassy in Britain, there is no way out of
here, and the likely next US president is joking about how she would like to
kill me.

This... is... not... good.

In light of that, cannot we see why he did the things he did?


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