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*> Responding to----Message 3---John Clarke-*

Actually it's John Clark no e, I wish my name had a e because then I could
claim to be the illegitimate son of Arthur C Clarke, but the best I can do
is say I'm the son of Arthur E Clark (true).

> * > I think the key to understanding  consciousness has been discussed by
> Jeff Hawkins in his book, "On Intelligence", and it works for me.*

I thought that was a good book too.

*> Yet as an individual agent, it is our brain that must take this
> incomplete data and act on it, building our model of the world. This is the
> key to subjectivity.*

Yes and I am part of the world so my model of it must include a model of
me, and you are part of the world too but there is a difference between me
and you, I have much less information about you than about me hence the
differentiation between self and non-self. From a Evolutionary viewpoint
the single most important factor in the environment is the behavior of
other people, so Evolution has a reason to make us smarter so we could make
a model that was good enough to predict what they are likely to do even
though we have incomplete data to work with.

*> My two cents, YMMV. I go back to lurking now - bye!*

My two cents is you wrote a very interesting post and I hope you do more
than lurk. Don't be shy!

John K Clark  (no e)
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