[ExI] why tardigrades are indistructible

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 Now I just figure out how to do the other two letters and I can survive hell.




The sound of one hand clapping - cl

Now just make that a g and you're all set


bill w



I never figured out what was so Zen about that question.  I can clap with one hand.  The four fingers strike the palm, kinda makes a soft plip plip plip sound.  I can even do both hands and the same time.  That’s the sound of two hands clapping one-handed.  Can’t do my feet that way.  

Or the sound of one hand against my knee.  That sounds like the two hand version but stings more.

Or the sound of one hand against someone else’s ass.  That one stings even more, when she turns around and clobbers me or gives me a mace-face.  Those really sting.  Particularly the newer peppermint/arsenic flavored kind.

Farm laborers go to a show, the performer sucks, one guy finds him funny, offers applause.  

Or how about that last scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High when the strict history teacher visits the stoner surfer dude at his home, but imagine the scene where Spicoli comes to the door with his hair cleanly cut, in a suit and was just heading out for a job interview.  Rigid old Mr. Hand would cheer him on.  

There are several perfectly good examples of one hand clapping, and two of them don’t sound much different from what one already knows.  No big Zen thing at all.


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