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> OK so now we can see that it isn’t a good idea to join a tourist stampede
> and won’t be again in the easily foreseeable.  So how can we compensate for
> that?  I can imagine a form of virtual tourism which not only mimics the
> experience, in some ways it exceeds it.  For instance, take the famous
> marble statue Michael created.  Wait until all the touristas go away, then
> set up a kind of controllable camera where a prole can see everywhere on
> that art work, in places you can’t see if you are there in person and can’t
> see even if a stampede of football fans isn’t herding you along.  What does
> the top of David’s head look like?  To what level of detail did the artist
> find it necessary to carve hair?  A virtual tour could answer that.  Being
> there would merely give you practice mooing.


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