[ExI] More Americans have died from COVID-19 than the Iraq War

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>>…Another milestone… 4,516 Americans have died from COVID-19. … Lyndon Johnson and at the time I was certain he would be the worst president in my lifetime…John K Clark




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>…Serious question, why don't you have this kind of outrage over the number of people killed by flu every year?  These milestones are window dressing and meaningless.  What does 9/11 or war deaths have to do with what is happening now?  Also, you may want to point some of that righteous indignation over at the PRC and WHO…





Ja, Dylan the ordinary flu is a perfectly good crisis going to waste every year.  I need to find a way to leverage that to political advantage.  And unimaginable wealth of course, but that is always the case.




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