[ExI] Fermi Paradox and Volvo star systems

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> From what I read, solitary confinement is truly a horrible form of punishment.   Some people go bats after just a few days.  There is something very basic about being around other people  Way back in history being kicked out of a tribe was the worst punishment possible.  The victim usually tried to get into another one rather than live alone, which would have been a very spare life at that.

I think in many cases back then, exile meant death or certainly can increased likelihood of death.

> I don't know if the mind is totally changeable.  I suspect it isn't.  On Quora I find a lot of questions about changing one's self, one's habits.  The reason is that they are difficult to very difficult to accomplish.  In uploads it might be easy, but if I liked sour cream blueberry pie, which is in the oven as we speak, why would I want to change that?  If I were an introvert upload and wanted to change to extrovert, I could, but why would I?  I am comfortable with what I have.

Curiosity, maybe. I have done many things I felt uncomfortable about initially that later I enjoyed.

> I dunno.  A lot of this seems so artificial, and of course that's all it is.  I am deeply romantic and would hate to see that changed in any way.  I hate what we are doing to this planet and don't want to live in a habitat circling Jupiter or somewhere.  Why mess with perfection?

Is there any perfection in just embracing WIKIWIL? (What I Know Is What I Like)Mind you, I’m not saying anyone should be forced to alter their core personality.


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