[ExI] The German oddity

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 12:51:31 UTC 2020

Germany has over 90,000 people infected with COVID-19, only the US, Italy
and Spain have more, but for some reason the deaths from it is remarkably
low there, only 1.3%; in comparison the death rate in Italy is 12%, in
Spain it's 10%, in the US it's 2.5%. Part of the reason may be Germany's
aggressive use of testing and their excellent health care system, they tend
to hospitalize people who test positive for the virus even if their
symptoms are mild because they have built lots of intensive care beds for
them and they know their condition can change for the worse very rapidly
and their chances of survival are much better if they're in a hospital when
that happens. The death rate in the US will certainly increase when doctors
start rationing ventilators and are forced to decide who should live and
who should die, and that will probably begin in the next week.

John K Clark
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