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If I am reading the criteria correctly, my wife and I will get $2400.


Why?  Both retired. bill w



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You’re supposed to spend it :) 

SR Ballard




So true, SR.  I intend to spend mine on some terrific stock deals available recently.  It is pretty close to a buy two get one free sale on the industrials and blue chips, the steady dividend yielders, loooootsa bargains out there.  There are a hundred ways to capitalize on this and help mankind at the same time: invest in companies that shape the future.


Consider this idea: there is a general shutdown of stores, but the essential businesses stay open, grocery stores, pharmacies, gun shops for instance.  All three are doing well, but the gun shops are doing a booming business.  Figuratively!  (Note this is the old-time definition, where I mean “figuratively” literally.  I am from back in the days before people started claiming figuratively spoken comments were literally.  Quite annoying was that habit of calling everything literally when the intended adjective was “extremely.”  I never switched those definitions, where literal is figurative and figurative is literal.


But I digress in a most annoying manner.


The gun shops are doing a figuratively booming business, so all these goofy proles who don’t know what the heck they are doing are panic buying all this expensive gear with no idea which end to point downrange, or how to operate it safely, then once they settle down, they will realize they bought the wrong thing.  For instance, AR-15 ammo is spendy expensive for indoor ranges, and ill-suited for that purpose anyway really.  It is kind of a status symbol there, but if ya can’t hit target, the others know you are some silly yahoo with more dollars than cents.  


To take full advantage of that type of gear, one needs a lot of open space, which means a road trip, an all-day excursion for people who live around here, and plenty of the goofballs who bought those don’t have a day to invest in that sport because they work in their leisure time, so they bought the wrong thing.


A potential market emerges: lotsa people with something they don’t want or who want something else which costs less, we figure out way to educate them a bit, work out a deal, they get safety instruction, we end up with their high-end shootin arns which we sell back to the shops, some of it still in the shrink-wrapped boxes for 70 cents on the dollar, the consumer gets lower cost better suited devices for what they originally intended (a false sense of security), they benefit, we make a buttload.




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