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Good point.  Do you and does anyone have any idea how to get rid of the
gridlock and hostility in D.C.?  Our so-called democracy is not working as
such.  Members of Congress are expected to toe the party line and if they
don't their state doesn't get much help re anything.  Leaders have all the
power (though I did read where that late and not lamented Senator from
South Carolina, Strom Thurmond, held up legislation just by himself).

bill w

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>> It seems to me in that case you've got to have online virtual meeting and
>> voting, but one of the very few things that both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
>> and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agree about is they don't like
>> that idea. But neither has offered an alternative solution.
> Nor are they likely to.  I've read the report; while there are some
> cybersecurity challenges, those can be overcome to secure the votes of a
> few hundred people which the US government really does depend on.  The
> other excuses they offer are BS.
> The real problem is that, without everyone being in person and thus
> subject to well-practiced in-person methods of influencing them, members
> would more likely vote the interests of their states or districts, rather
> than the interests of the political parties.  This is of course completely
> unacceptable to Congressional leadership.
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