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Tue Apr 7 19:54:04 UTC 2020

Quote of the day:  I used to spin that TP roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune.  Now I turn it like I am cracking a safe.


We are a few weeks into the quarantine and generally see how it is going.  We can now do some extrapolations and make reasonable scenarios for the next few years perhaps.


For instance, what if… some gradually go back to work, some go into fulfilling new needs while shutting down old ones, a rapid but not necessarily jarring transition takes place, where we are just more careful in what we use and how much.  We find we can live just fine on 20% less of everything, scarcely noticing.  That first 20% is relatively painless: we cut away the trendy spendy high-endy stuff, the pricey wine, the ocean cruises, the European tours and such, but life goes on.


The CEO calls the company all-hands, tells em: We all get to keep our jobs…


Everyone cheers.  So what’s the bad news?


She continues: You didn’t let me finish.  I was going to add: … if you still want them.  Starting today, we are all working for a 20% discount.


Stunned silence.  One of the MVPs calls out: I QUIT!


CEO: Adios amigo.  Anyone else?




The others shuffle back to their desks, dispirited, wondering how the hell they are going to service their debt payments, but glad to still have 80 yen on the yang.











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