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Quoting Spike:

> Stuart, if one is of a mind to do this kind of thing, you can arrange 
> for an ant bridge like this using a piece of string or a strip of duct 
> tape...


>...While your idea of using a string to get ants to get rid of wasps is
very clever, the guy who took the video who is an amateur ant enthusiast
claims that this is completely an ant construction with no help from him...
Stuart LaForge

Hmmmm.  I have seen ant bridges in my tragically misspent youth, but they
were vertical hangers.

If one works thru the mechanics of the thing, to do this without a structure
would require the ants went from the attachment points in tight formation
along the eve, clasped paws (or claws or anything they got now) and
subsequently released their grip on the underside of the eve.  I can't
imagine ants doing this, or why they would do it.

There must be something more going on, for photography has been with us for
a long time, yet I find no other examples of anything distantly analogous to
this bridge.

Could it have been assisted by some other agent who then called upon him
after the ant bridge was in place?

Regarding messing with wasps and bees: just get a good sair of "overhauls"
and a mosquito net helmet, boots, tape your sleeves, you are good to go.
Wasps can't get you.  If you are still worried, just mess with them at
night.  Bees and wasps don't fly at night and seldom sting even if they walk


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