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Does anyone know if there are special requirements to get a license to sell guns?  Gun shops.  Pawn shops.  Walmart.


My point: if you could obtain such a license, you could presumably order guns wholesale in any quantity you wanted.


Are there laws on the books to prevent this?  


bill w 



BillW it depends on the state.


In general for handguns there is a lot of licensing and bother, but I don’t do much with those.  That’s a different sport.  In general in most places, long guns can be bought anywhere and are what you need for the kinds of shooting I want to do anyway.  Handguns are really a different sport from rifles.


Interesting point: I was travelling back east every other Wednesday for business, and for a while was arriving first flight in Newark NJ on Wednesday morning and leaving first flight Thursday AM.  There was a guy working the early shift at passenger screening.  Not many passengers that time of day, and we got used to seeing each other.  I even struck up conversations a few times.


He was the guy on duty in Newark when the bad guys came thru on 9/11.  At some later time, he was in the news again when they somehow raided his house and found he owned hundreds of guns.  They carefully checked and everything he owned was legal.  NJ doesn’t like guns, but you can own them if you go thru the hoops, and he did.  So… they brought them all back.


I kept hearing the question: why does this guy need all these guns?  My answer: define this term “need” please.


NJ is one of the strictest states.  Someone here might know, but I think their laws are mostly about handguns rather than long guns.




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