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Dave's already answered the question, but I'll note an exception: DIY.

Gunsmiths get a lot of leeway and deference.  So far as I know, they can
make their own guns in whatever quantity they want.  Selling or giving
those guns to others is where legal restrictions start to come into play.
And of course, past a certain quantity, it's generally cheaper to buy the
manufacturing means and raw materials than to buy the finished product.
Consider the cost of a million pistols, versus the price of an equivalent
weight of steel or aluminum, some tooling, a few industrial robot arms, and
solar panels to power them.  Of course, this is a high enough price that it
rarely comes up in practice: those who believe they would gain value from
having that many guns, are rarely able to think of - let alone pull off -
such an approach.

Also, if you're thinking of running a gun store in these times, perhaps
take a clue from Walmart and sell groceries too.  Perhaps canned goods and
other long-lasting survivalist chow; you could probably sell hand sanitizer
and masks too.  Just make that over 50% (by area and by money) of your
store, with guns being less than half.

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> Does anyone know if there are special requirements to get a license to
> sell guns?  Gun shops.  Pawn shops.  Walmart.
> My point: if you could obtain such a license, you could presumably order
> guns wholesale in any quantity you wanted.
> Are there laws on the books to prevent this?
> bill w
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