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> It’s got nothing to do with Trump. (SR Ballard)



Ja.  I was given an insight yesterday into what might influence this: hospital administration intentionally attributing fatalities to C-19 which were really caused by something else.  it isn’t so much that anyone is intentionally inflating their C-19 numbers, but rather the policies in place encourage inflating the numbers.


We know how China solved their coronavirus problem.  They produced billions of home test kits which work in less than 2 minutes and cost about 11 US cents.  They return about a 10% false negative rate, but their false positive rate is zero point zero zero.  None of those kits have ever returned a positive result.


In the USA, a test kit has a very low error rate, but they cost about 14000 bucks for the whole cycle.


So… we have cases where we have presumed positive without test (one of my neighbors for instance.)  Any fatality during the presumed positive period (which extends indefinitely (including those fatalities with a plausible co-morbidity factor (such a bullet through the brain))) can be counted as a corona virus fatality.  This allows the hospital and coroner to bill a much richer insurance fund than the one the patient was eligible to receive free (but never bothered to apply for (a remarkably common occurrence.)


This would explain why we suddenly have fewer of everything such as heart attack and stroke.  Even the case where the local was fired upon by another local can qualify as a WuFlu fatality.  The shooter had the sniffles last week, so she could be counted as presumed C-19 positive, she handled the bullet, transferring the virus to the projectile which infected the victim on its way through.  The victim had the virus for her last three seconds of life, good enough to qualify for the insurance policy the hospital desperately needs to stay in business during the current financially-devastating dearth of patients.  Result: fewer heart attacks and strokes!  It’s a miracle!


I don’t trust any of these numbers.  I suspect China is understating and the US is overstating, not for political reasons but rather for financial motives.  The invisible hand of capitalism is playing tricks on us. 


However… when it is all over, we can compare the overall mortality rate to previous years and get a pretty good picture of how many fatalities were really caused by C-19.  China doesn’t tell how many perished, but most countries outside of there will tell.




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