[ExI] The USA is number one!

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Sweden is the world’s mine canary:




They didn’t shut down the borders or their schools or much of anything.


Here are their numbers:




Notice there are no political motives at play that I can see, no power grabs, no economic incentives at work, no celebrating death, of if so I can’t see why any of that would apply.    


I don’t know what the heck is a sjukdomfall is, but by context I am guessing “per dag” means “by day” so a sjukdomsfall is perhaps a new case of C-19.  Leave it to those ballsy Vikings to go ahead and run this experiment.  Somebody had to do it, ja?


I can’t find similar data for Finland and Norway, but that’s what we really need here: a direct comparison between those three guys.  If Sweden is telling the truth, this is good news indeed.  Perhaps we really don’t need to shut down our economy.







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